The Environmental Impact Responder Program was developed in response to the issue of unemployed Indigenous  youth and women in Northern Saskatchewan. The program aims to increase job prospects for Indigenous youth and  women, while providing them with the tools to be successful in their job search after completion of their internships. 

The direction and scope of the program is to enlist unemployed young people, specifically women, and arm them with a diverse set of skills to obtain fulfilling employment in the environmental industry within their communities. The skills taught and obtained through in classroom training and a six month in field work program will arm these women with the environmental skills and knowledge to increase employability in the mining and resource sectors. There is a high demand for a skilled workforce across several sectors in the environmental industry. Our program allows participants to gain the knowledge and practical training that other opportunities to not provide. 

In the future there will only be more demand for ongoing environmental monitoring and mine remediation in Northern Saskatchewan. This program not only looks at the current need for environmentally trained people, but we have developed a program that has taken into account what will be required five or ten years down the road.